At Steel & Tube, it’s people’s desire to move with times that inspires us to make advancements and deliver innovations that satisfy their unmet needs. When the right people and technology come together, we create something exceptional: innovation that people truly want from our Smart Tanks that don’t rust, to Rebars that are stronger than ever.

Of course, it’s easy to say this. It is also easy to launch a new brand into the world because we think it’s what people want to hear and we hope it makes us resonate as the kind of brand that people trust, and want to interact with. But what we believe truly sets us apart and makes us different is that our company has always been based on the relationship between OUR VISION, PEOPLE and INNOVATION. Making products that are purposeful and truly beneficial to the consumer.

Our founders, Joseph and Regius Yiga, understood this when they started manufacturing steel products over 16 years ago. From the beginning, the Steel & Tube brand has stood for Leadership in Innovation and registered pioneers of new quality products into the market like the Ribbed BRC, Mat Tile Sheets, Smart Tanks, Branded Nails and now the STIL TMX, a higher grade rebar.

Steel & Tube is one of the companies in Uganda that has registered continued growth over time. From a Steel Trading business in Nakasero fast forward 33 years later is now running three manufacturing plants at Nakawa, Namanve and Kazinga. It’s because of the relentless focus on adapting to change and delivering quality innovative products that customers need. This is rooted in the DNA of Steel & Tube that not only do we strive to bring quality raw materials from reputable suppliers, Steel & Tube also has state of the art machinery to produce a wide range of quality products in a timely manner.

Today we’re continuing our investment in innovation that is personal, relevant and impactful to the lives of our customer. To mention but a few, our STIL TMX Bars meet the highest quality standards worldwide of grades: B500C of BS:4449-2005, B500CWR of US EAS:412-2 and B500 DWR of ISO:6935-2 adding onto the strength that keep structures safe. With modern machinery and skilled manpower, our investment has grown to a tune of over USD 200 million. Our target and purpose is to improve the standards of steel products delivered to the market which stand strong for generations. To achieve this, we are building a strong company that is focused on continuous innovation, quality, safety, ethics, and team work while conserving the environment. But, on a personal note, we also want to inspire the future innovators, so that they share our goals of creating a better tomorrow for all, and join our company to do this.

When we come together and act in unison, we know we can transform the steel industry not only in Uganda, but the Great Lakes Region and beyond. Companies like ours are always best when we are bold, when we dare to change and meet tomorrow’s challenges, and when we use our global ties and local market understanding to manufacture better improved quality products for building and a wide range of purposes. And this makes us STEEL & TUBE – Inspired by Innovation.

We believe that our researched and winning brand positioning will finally allow us to tell our story from the past, present and future helping us to build brand strength and preference. That is why we proudly believe Steel & Tube will continue to deliver innovation to improve the steel industry which in turn benefits our consumer and the country


Steel& Tube is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to produce a wide range of quality steel products for the construction and building industry. The current installed capacity for the group is 360,000MT per annum and we are currently processing 190,000MT of steel per annum using supply of raw materials from reputable steel mills of South Africa, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, India. This has seen our investment value over the years growing to a tune of over USD 200 million.


We strongly believe that the best quality product  and service always wins business.  Our commitment to quality runs straight from raw material to automated  machinery to finished product  which allows our product  to meet both  Ugandan and International  standards.

To ensure our customers get the best product, all finished  products are tested in our onsite state of the art laboratories which are highly recognized  by UNBS for testing.  In addition, our quality controllers follow  the right quality check standards to ensure that we achieve our commitment.