Steel & Tube’s journey over the years has been based on its vision to become the leading and most reliable manufacturer and supplier of steel profiles in East Africa and beyond. It is this goal that has driven the company to recognition as one of Uganda’s most reputable suppliers of steel building materials.
It has been 15 years since the company went from being a retailer to opening its first manufacturing plant, and there has been a lot of advancement – we now have a more diversified product portfolio with the introduction of new products to the Ugandan market such as the matte tile sheets trademarked MAT Tile, our flagship SMART Tanks, Ribbed BRC and now, the STIL TMX which is a higher grade of re-bars. I am proud to say that the upward trend we keep seeing in our sales analytics is a testament to the market adoption of, and therefore positive sentiment towards our product offerings.
Steel & Tube’s growth is largely attributable to its highly skilled workforce, and the incorporation of modern technologies and methodologies in the manufacturing processes we employ. This combination has allowed us to identify and respond to the economy’s changing demand structures while at the same time supporting the communities we work in.
We realize, recognize and appreciate our customers’ comparatively complex requirements for building materials, and have enjoyed working with you all to come up with products that meet both local and international standards, but most importantly, match your desired specifications.
The journey to this point has been long, eventful and ultimately, very rewarding. We take pride in our accomplishments thus far, and in the significant contributions we have made towards the advancement of our nation.
To our clients, suppliers, management, current employees and alumni, the communities we operate in, and our well-wishers: thank you for coming on this journey with us. It is an exciting time at Steel & Tube right now and we have many more exciting products we will be bringing to market soon.
We look forward to continuing to be your #1 supplier of high quality innovative products.
For God & My Country.
Joseph Yiga,
Founder and Chairman