Smart Silo



  • Easy discharge outlets.
  • Cost-effective because of the higher storage capacity.
  • Great service & low maintenance cost.
  • Quick installation & easy transportation.
  • High quality, light weight and extremely strong materials of the silos.
  • Stainless Steel – Food grade 304

Thickness: 0.4mm(*)  0.5mm(**)  0.6mm(***)  0.7mm(****) 0.8mm (*****)



Smart Silo, also named grain storage silo is the ultimate solution for improving post-harvest handling and storage of grain. The Smart Silo is made from stainless steel (Grade 304) food grade material and is used to store agriculture products for home or commercial consumption. It is widely used to store grains like maize, rice, wheat, soybean, barley, sorghum, beans, peanuts, flour, feed, minor cereals and other bulk granular crops, etc.

Recommendation: Fully dry the seeds before putting them in the silo so there is no room for moisture to attract any pests inside the silo.

Grain silo has the function to prevent the grains from reabsorbing moisture from humid outside air, insects and rodents prevention and convenient in and out of grains. At Steel & Tube we can customize the grain silos according to your own needs from a capacity of 100kg – 10,000kg.