smart link

Smart link




Steel & Tube is one of the leading chain link fence manufacturers and chain link fence suppliers in the Great Lakes Region. Our Smart Link is cost effective and flexible to be used for different applications on any type of terrain and scoring over traditional brick boundary wall.


  • Fencing for security purposes of factories, farms, houses and animals’ enclosures, roof support in long wall mining.
  • Used in test areas to provide protection against flying objects yet permitting visibility of operations behind screens.
  • Effective yet non-lethal feature makes it useful around playgrounds, schools, residential/commercial buildings, etc.
  • Chain link fence can also be top mounted with barbed wires to make it a high security fence.


Size: 50X50mm, 65X65mm, 75x75mm
Gauge:   10, 12, 12.5, 13
Height: 6ft and 7ft
Length: 18m per roll