STIL is one of the leading manufaturers of quality steel products in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region.

The company manufactures Galvanized Iron Sheets, Mat-tiles Sheets, Hollow Sections, Expanded Metals, Bottle Sections, Fascia Boards


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  • Fascia Board
  • Bottle Section
  • "Z" Purlin
  • Plates

Fascia Board

  High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Less weight per unit length compared to conventional sections to increase the structural efficiency
  • Section versatility and wide range of choice
  • It is featured with better anti bending and straightness
  • Uses

  • Fixing rain water gutters
  • In construction industries as structural support alternative for "Z" purling inside wall structure for cladding
  • Bottle Section

      Better Solutions for Doors and Windows
  • High quality open profile product
  • Standard length of 6m
  • No warping, twisting, shrinkage, splitting and tearing due to weather changes
  • Wide range of sizes from ready stock eliminating construction delays
  • Best quality H.R.C sheets used in fabrication
  • Uses

  • Various doors and window profiles
  • Fabrication and structural purpose
  • "Z" Purlin



    High Strength at low cost
  • Very high strength-to-weight ratio
  • More than 40% saving steel
  • More than 30% saving in overall construction cost
  • Easy and low-cost handling and transportation
  • Economy due to reduction in dead weight on the main frame structure
  • Significantly reduces installation time
  • Uses

  • Mainly used in industrial shades and go gowns
  • Construction projectings for cladding
  • Main supporting bars on steel structures for warehouse, garage, exhibition etc
  • Plates (Steel Sheets)

      High Strength to Weight ratio
  • High quality steel sheets
  • Lowest cost per actual kg on the market
  • Precise measurements of guage and length
  • Uses

  • Billboards
  • Tanks
  • Trucks / bus bodies
  • Wheel barrows
  • Doors
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