STIL is one of the leading manufaturers of quality steel products in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region.

The company manufactures Galvanized Iron Sheets, Mat-tiles Sheets, Hollow Sections, Expanded Metals, Bottle Sections, Fascia Boards


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  • Galvanized Iron Sheets
  • MAT Tiles
  • Expanded Metals
  • Pre-painted Sheets

Galvanised Iron Sheets

Smart Roof for better design and more reinforcement
  • Raw material is imported from Taiwan, Japan and India
  • Customised to buyer's exact specification
  • Aluminum coating resists penetration of rain and dust. No extra water sealing is required
  • Free delivery for bulk orders within Kampala
  • Accessories include Ridges, Valleys, Gutters, end covers and nails
  • Mat Tiles

    For your perfect choice
    Manufatured from pre-painted galvanised steel coated with 25 microns of mat paint. This ensures that the tiles age out with their original colour and beauty.
  • Have an expected life of over 50 years
  • Suit all weather conditions
  • Are not prone to dust and its effects
  • Reasonable standard for thermal and sound insulation
  • Bring out the perfect beauty of the house
  • Customised to buyer's exact expectation
  • Accessories

  • Are supplied with Ridge Covers, Flashing, Valleys, Ridges and Specialised Nails
  • Expanded Metals

    For better design and more reinforcement
  • Better design, thicker gauge, more re-inforcement
  • Lowest cost per square foot on the market
  • Largest surface area per unit cost compared to the market
  • Pull in traverse direction for most effective strength
  • Uses

  • Construction
  • Cages
  • Ventilation
  • Filtration
  • Fencing
  • Enclosure
  • Smart Coat Pre-Painted Sheets

    Your Perfect choice
  • Customised to buyer's exact specification
  • Base metal assures durability under effect of adverse weather
  • Double coating [Aluminum and Paint] resists penetration of rain and dust
  • Free delivery for bulk orders within Kampala
  • Prepainted and Galvanised sheets are supplied with Valleys, Ridges and Gutters
  • We would like to know how you feel about our products. Please feel free to comment about any of our products.

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